E-Quality Medical services are here to provide you medical services close to your home in a timely manner with excellent service. We offer 

We have been offering these services for almost 10 years and we appreciate learning from every customer that comes in and offers us feedback to make us a better company moving forward.

In this day and time with so much being at odds against your health it is vital that we have a pillar in the community that can be a place where you come to get health educated as well as the herbal remedies to help to cure your ills.

This is also a place that we give drug testing and give counseling on drug addiction, with the marijuana dispensaries popping up everywhere as well as the opioid crisis land liquor stores dealing with alcoholism , there is a need to balance everything out so that we could kick addiction and actually get jobs. This is also a places that is a place that teaches job skills and a resources fro employers looking to get their employees drug tested.